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εσωτερική λεύκανση δοντιού

Internal Whitening

Teeth whitening is a general term that refers to the aesthetic improvement of the appearance of the smile by removing existing pigments. The term bleaching can refer to an external or internal process. Internal whitening has other indications and is carried out with different techniques than classic teeth whitening. 

Discoloration causes and indications for treatment

Tooth discoloration can be caused by many reasons, including:

- Previous injury
- Age
- Habits like smoking, drinking coffee, etc.
- Taking pharmaceutical products
- Poor oral hygiene etc.

In some cases, the pigments are on the outer surface of the teeth, and in these cases external whitening may be an option. Other times, the staining originates from the inside of the tooth and extends outward, which usually occurs in already endodontically treated or injured teeth. In these cases, internal bleaching is the treatment of choice.


Internal whitening should be performed on teeth that already have a satisfactory endodontic treatment, so if the initial endodontic treatment is not satisfactory, we first repeat it and then proceed to internal whitening.

The treatment procedure

In our dental office, during internal whitening we use our surgical microscope to ensure the best possible treatment. The tooth is isolated with a rubber isolator (so that the existing endodontic treatment is not re-infected from the rest of the oral cavity), part of the filling that was placed above the endodontic treatment is removed and any tissue or material residues are cleaned from the inner walls of the tooth. Afterwards, the whitening agent is applied which will remain inside the tooth for as many days as necessary. A temporary filling is placed and the patient returns to the dentist's office for a review, removal of the bleach and placement of a final filling when the result is satisfactory. 

Alternative treatment options

In cases where the patient does not wish for internal whitening or if the treatment does not achieve the optimal result, an alternative solution is to cover the discolouration with a crown or veneer.

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